Despite my Many Agonies of late, we did manage to slip away this weekend for a local(ish) vacation. It did what it was supposed to (break up the deluge of bad things happening to us), but boy, am I now glad to be home and, uh, recovering from that vacation.

On second thought, maybe it was a little overconfident of me to think that, after everything this month, I could be a gentle and present parent while travelling. What happened instead was that my battery was about thisbig (I am holding my thumb and fingertip together) and probably installed a few negative core memories too.

Welp! Here’s hoping I do better next time. As we all think sometimes, I think.


Panel 1 (Lindsay and Momo walking to the right. Lindsay is rolling a suitcase and looks tired, but fond. Momo is vibrating with excitement)
Arrows pointing to Lindsay: Pale, understimulated, broke, tired
Arrow pointing to Momo: Blissfully ignorant of the work that goes into planning a vacation

Panel 2 (Lindsay and Momo walking to the left. Lindsay looks shattered, and Momo looks chipper)
Arrows pointing to Lindsay: Sunburned, tired (squared), way more broke, overstimulated
Momo: Blissfully ignorant of the work that goes into being on vacation