What is How Baby?

How Baby is a twice-weekly slice-of-life webcomic about motherhood, born out of a desire to create something that felt true to my own experience of becoming a mother. Like motherhood itself, it’s a mix of many things: potty jokes, serious discussions of physical and emotional changes, funny things my daughter says, social commentary, and nerdy references.

How Baby is, at its heart, a light-hearted comic. However, when it’s being serious, it’s also a comic for people who love their children but who also often feel overwhelmed, scared, sad, antagonized, or just plain bored by parenthood, and all the cultural baggage that comes along with it. How Baby is a safe place for people who are struggling with parenthood, but are still trying to do their best.

How Baby supports any parenting style, creedo, philosophy, method, or ancient ritual magic that results in a happy, safe, and well-loved child. Anything else is just chaff.

How Baby is committed to not running outside ads, and is supported entirely by patrons on Patreon and revenue from merchandise and commission sales.

Cast of Characters

bio_linds Nerd. Artist. Gamer. Feminist. Mom. Lindsay is the writer and artist of How Baby, as well as a few other things you can see on her portfolio. She likes Dragon Age, Yuri on Ice, racy fanart and fanfic, baking, and smashing the patriarchy.
bio_kev The man behind the mom, Kev is responsible for every good joke Lindsay’s ever written. No lie. Propmaker and doodler, he loves all things Rooster Teeth, all things Bioware, trawling YouTube, and ensuring Lindsay’s baked goods get a good home.
bio_momo Momo is the eponymous baby. She likes Paw Patrol, outer space, Moana, chocolate milk, birds, acorns, her fox-shaped blanket, and videos where people are dancing. Momo’s real name and face are a secret, to protect her privacy.


Sampler zines have been collected for distribution at conventions, and are featured in the zine collection of the Vancouver Public Library. A sampler is also available in every purchase of the Aspen Tyke Traveler. Further printed anthologies are forthcoming!


2017 Excellence in Webcomics Awards Winner, Best In Comedy
2017 Excellence in Webcomics Awards Winner, Comedy
2017 Excellence in Webcomics Awards Winner, Writing


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