Depending on how people read this post, sometimes this text comes before the post. So I’m just gonna take a little space here and tell you you should read the comic first, if you want the full effect.


I’m proud to say that Kev actually wrote this one, because he was in the room when I was talking shop with another mom. The conversation involved a lot of obscene hand gestures and repeating ‘I’m as tight as I ever was!’ in increasingly bitter voices. DON’T YOU LIE TO ME, FELLOW MOMS. I KNOW THE TRUTH NOW. Anyway, he suggested the idea of a soft serve machine, and the rest of the strip wrote itself. Thanks, babe. In sickness and in health, etc etc.

And hello to all the new readers I met at GeekGirlCon this weekend! I’m sorry (???) your first strip will be a poop joke. How Baby is ad-free and supported almost entirely by patrons on Patreon, who get bonuses like getting to be in the comic! It’d mean a lot to future comics if you thought of maybe becoming a patron too! I’d say less poop jokes, but no promises, really.