Happy Halloween! As she will tell literally anyone who will listen, Momo is going as a Pikachu, because it took approximately 0.05 seconds for her to imprint on it when we were playing Pokemon GO. She’s been talking about it for months.

Like it says in the strip, I’ve kind of been at a loss with Halloween for years. I went trick-or-treating for as long as I could stretch it out, and then by sheer luck I fell in to helping put on a neighbourhood haunted house (where I met Kev! this is a picture from the first night we met – I recognized his Resident Evil costume). But then after that, I just… well, Halloween is a pretty boozy holiday, and that’s not really my scene, and I feel awkward in big groups of people. I guess I never felt like “adult Halloween” was for me. And then I felt guilty, because… I wasted it! Everyone had so much fun! Everyone’s costumes were so good! FOMO!

Which is why I’m STOKED that Momo is actually big enough to enjoy Halloween this year, because I have a good, oh, ten years of getting to go trick-or-treating ahead of me – and at least a few years of MATCHING COSTUMES, omg. People say one of the best parts about having a kid is being able to look through their eyes and relive childhood again, and so far it’s been pretty exciting. I’m so happy I get to enjoy holidays with Momo, and also with the kid I used to be too.