If my lines are a little shakier than usual today, well, I’m sure you can guess the reason.

People have been SUPER AWESOME about the strip about body image I posted on Monday. Like, you guys are rad. Thank you so much for your messages and comments and especially your emails. I read every one and felt my HP refill each time.

While I read them, I enjoyed a few days where Momo fell asleep on me a lot – something she very rarely does. She has good timing, because there’s nothing quite like your kid nestling against you and falling asleep to make you feel good about yourself, soft places and all. And I remembered being her age and telling my mom that I loved her body, because she was “shaped like a mom” – probably not what she wanted to hear (sorry, mom!), but what I had meant was that I took so much comfort just from just hugging her and being with her. So, yeah. Good timing.