Okay LOOK, like most parents, I only afford myself so many luxuries. One of them is nice-smelling things, like scented candles and fancy soap. And they’re pretty frivolous, so I tend to agonize over buying them and then hoard them for a while.

This soap? From our Palm Springs vacation last year, some bourgie stall with handcrafted goats milk soaps and things, and I had to walk by the stall twice, and then ALL THE WAY BACK to get it once I’d decided. I finally opened it up last week, and… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… it’s gone. Melted away in Momo’s bathwater the next day.

My fault, I guess; I should have assumed she’d want to use mommy’s soap, and it was within reach. Ironically, it was the first bath she’d ever taken where I wasn’t there in the room with her. Silly me, thinking we were past the stage of tub-related mischief…

New resolution: instant gratification.