Kev and I and like three million of our closest friends took Momo to her first protest rally the other day, which was a bit of a trip. I used to do a lot of activism, and doing it all again with a child was an entirely different experience.

Instead of chanting or waving a sign like I would have, I was dealing with a small human being hungry, tired, and confused in a big crowd of people, one eye always on her to make sure she was okay. It made me respect the wide range of the kinds of work that goes into resistance – the people who organize, cook, drive, and care for the people. And it was heartening to see how many other people brought their kids, to bring them up with a tradition of resistance.

Anyway! This is probably not a surprise to anyone – y’all could have probably guessed by now where I stand on the political spectrum, I think. 😀

PS – if you’ve got older kids, I really like this article I found on the Girl Scouts website about teaching kids about meaningful non-compliance. I was a long-time Girl Guide, so I was heartened to find this.