My friends, it took ALL MY POWER to preserve my calm the other day when Momo busted out some outdated gender role nonsense. It was a real Uncle Iroh moment . In this family, child, we don’t let people tell us what we can and can’t wear based on completely arbitrary gender costuming.

The conversation ended with me showing her pictures of Megan Fox’s son Noah and repeating his name and pronouns. She giggled through the whole thing – apparently, the idea of a boy in a skirt is already just hilarious. Gosh, they really learn this stuff young, don’t they?

The developing mind craves rules – a child will pretty much intuitively start to grasp the little unspoken rules that litter everyday life, without much intervention. It’s how they learn language, for example. But in applying their best guess to it… sometimes… they learn how the world is, not how it should be.

So, I mean, haha, a funny little visual gag that’s probably going to get me mail about how I’m indoctrinating my daughter with my humourless SJW liberal snowflake hogwash, but MAN. She did NOT get this ‘boys can’t wear dresses’ stuff from me, so it sucks to think about what other messages she’s absorbing, like a boat taking on water while I’m frantically trying to bail it out.