You know a strip is timely when, even though I write them down in my ideas.txt months ahead of time, the night I post it I have a good conversation with Momo about why it’s not appropriate to chant ‘son of a bitch!’ while she’s putting on her pajamas.

I also had to have a conversation about when it’s appropriate to sing song lyrics, because, bless her, she thinks ‘come on, be my baby’ is about actual babies.

Anyway. YES, this actually happened. I’d blame anyone but myself, but it’s kind of obvious where she got this one. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Paw Patrol. We have a pretty lax approach to swearing around her, and so far we’ve been rewarded with a kid who’s mooooooooostly uninterested in it – which is probably partly her temperament, too – but like any other skill, she does try it out sometimes. It’s a battle to not just laugh at her, because her swearing in her sweet little singsong voice is the funniest thing in the world.


Happy April!! Did you know that you can set up recurring monthly donations to How Baby, and have strips delivered early, straight to your email? Might be a nice thing to do this month… because patrons are gonna have something special coming to them extra to celebrate two hundred strips next week! (Two hundred!!!!!)