The dentist told me Momo’s teeth are “perfect” and to “keep doing whatever I’m doing”, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that teeth brushing happens in this house whenever one of us can muster the spoons to detour 36 pounds of angry toddler into the bathroom before throwing her in bed and demanding her dumb butt go to sleep.

Good thing she has her dad’s teeth genes, apparently.

I’m going to be at Calgary Expo this weekend, all four days, at table D05 in the small press area! I’ve got zines and paper dolls and posters and prints and the usual complement of prints and buttons and things, so if you’re Calgaryish you can stop by and say hello~!

(I also added a ‘random strip’ button to the navigation just under the comic, thank you Susan for pointing out that I didn’t have one – I did, at one time, but sometimes things disappear when I’m making changes to the page or if WordPress updates. But it’s back now! Now you can enjoy a random strip along with your cold coffee. :))