[ETA: in the time since this was posted, white supremacists have apparently co-opted that hand gesture to mean white power!! thanks for ruining the OK sign, racists!!! So please let thine eyes bounce over this one, because that association wasn’t a thing when it was drawn]

Momo is an astoundingly helpful person, but she’s got my independent streak through and through. I find myself reminding her multiple times daily to focus and do the thing I asked her to do, not the little task she found along the way that she thinks is more important.
It’ll serve her well in the future – it’s good to be proactive! – but for now, just… do the thing I tell you to do, kiddo.
Hello to everyone who I met at Calgary Expo this weekend! I hope you enjoy the comic. And also, happy two year freelance-iversary to me! This time two years ago, I embarked on doing comics and illustration full time. Thank you for making it possible, whether you pledge on Patreon, visit at cons, or share the comic with your friends. You make it worth it. 🙂