Despite feeling ambivalent about pregnancy in general, I was looking forward to the ‘sudden overwhelming feeling of love’ when I saw Momo for the first time. When she got here, though, it was a little more like this.

Maybe other people are made of stronger stuff than me, but by the end of labour, I felt completely scoured clean – there was nothing left. And in that emptiness came rushing in the knowledge that I had no earthly clue what to do next. So what I felt instead was an overwhelming feeling of panic (and exhaustion, and eventually depression) more than love.

Luckily, after all those shut off, someone left the love tap on a little – it took a while, but eventually the little drips built up.

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And, one more thing, I’ve been offered a space last-minute at Boston Comic Con, August 11-13! I just keep going farther and farther away, haha. I’ve never been to Boston, except in Fallout 4; I’m looking forward to seeing it not all irradiated! Tell me y’all still have the super mutant swan though, right?