As you can probably guess from recent strips, Momo’s started learning how to ride a bike! Which means she’s crying and getting frustrated a lot, just like her ol’ ma. At least, in times like this, the advice comes easily; it’s not too long ago that I needed to keep going even though I just wanted to give up.

So this one’s for her, but it’s also for you, too, if you need it. I can’t say things will get better, but they might? And that’s as good a reason as any.

(Though, this one’s cute: when I said this, she was upset because she couldn’t find any green acorns to take to daycare. Four year olds, man. Well, I actually knew the oak tree was a little farther down, so… double mom points for the advice actually being relevant within her attention span.)

Fresh off of Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, this weekend Kev and I will be at GeekGirlCon in Seattle, at table A126! It’s been a long few weeks, fam. This is our last stop until late October, when we’ll be at the Vancouver Family and Baby Expo.