Like a good nostalgic nerdling, I was excited to hear that Netflix was rebooting The Magic School Bus – just in time for Momo to start learning about science! Couldn’t have planned it better. And Kate McKinnon as the Frizz? Thank goodness I’m old enough now that being hot for teacher isn’t weird any more.

And like a lot of people, I felt a little underwhelmed by the animation style they chose – it’s very modern, kind of marionette-like and janky in the way animation studios are cranking out a lot of children’s cartoons these days. But I quickly realized: they do it because it works. Kids love it. Some of Momo’s favorite cartoons are made by the same company, who am I to judge? They’re making something my daughter loves, which means they have one up on me most days.

I put it out of my mind until yesterday morning, when I woke up and went into the living room to find out that Momo had turned on Netflix, as she does, and the cursed reign of VeggieTales had been broken by a new challenger… none other than the MSB reboot. And I sat down and watched a few episodes with her (something I can rarely do with other shows), and you know what? My opinion, and the opinions of all the rest of us cranky millennials, doesn’t matter: they made it for her, and I’m glad.

Last Monday’s strip was scheduled, so I’ll say it here: thank you everyone who came out to see us at GeekGirlCon last weekend!! I was blown away by how many people stopped by to say hello. We had such a good show. Thanks, Seattle! You always turn it up! Kev and I have a few weekends off, and then we’re going to be at our first non-comic convention, the Vancouver Baby and Family Fair.