I begged the universe that Momo would stop watching the same twelve episodes of the same show over and over… that she would start branching out… and somewhere, a monkey’s paw turned down one grizzled finger.

We’re not a terribly religious family, so Momo doesn’t get a lot of exposure to organized religion except knowing that most kids in her daycare go to temple, but not why. So when VeggieTales (which is a train she’s back on now, by the way) casually starts talking about God, like God’s a character in the show she hasn’t seen yet, I don’t even know what to say.

We tend to explain big concepts to her with clear words, biased towards what is observable and tangible. How do you describe the entire concept of a religion, with all its nuance and beauty, to a four year old with no foreknowledge at all? Yikes.

And I like the VeggieTales – the songs are cute, the lessons are simple and good, there’s very little bad behavior that she models instead of the good stuff (like, oh my god, when she started eating her food really loudly like on Paw Patrol??). So I’m not just going to banish it from Netflix, if she likes it. I’m just really not ready for some of these conversations, especially after the death one the other day!