I don’t know if I’m at record levels of low patience these days, or if Momo’s just going through an extra talkative phase, or both, but man, is my battery ever short recently. I don’t do well with being ordered to do something (by pretty much anyone – sorry mom and dad), so the fact that every sentence out of Momo’s mouth recently is either trying to boss me into doing something or second-guessing my decisions is, like, the ultimate in fuse-shortening behavior. She’s constantly pushing my boundaries.

(Not a good look for a parent! Because that’s kind of what they do!! But y’all, we have our strengths and weaknesses.)

You know when you’re just… totally done with someone, and it seems like everything they do is specifically done on purpose just to annoy you? Like, they could be sitting there breathing and you’d be like LOOK AT HIM. BREATHING, LIKE AN ASSHOLE!!! That’s where I am with Momo right now.

But she’s, like, my kid and stuff, and I love her, so every night it’s: man, I sucked today, tomorrow I promise to be a better, more patient mom for her etc. etc! And the next morning is the same thing…

This too shall pass, I guess? But also, I know my fuse is probably short because it has been A Time in our household, what with Genji being sick and working nonstop to cover his surgery, and shows, and the house is a disaster, and what is a sleep schedule anyway?? I keep forgetting that being a good, present parent isn’t something that comes naturally, at least not to me – I have to work at it, every day. Which means I have to take care of myself, because I need all the advantages I can get going in.

Sorry, Momo! Wait up for me, darling. Mom’s trying.