Momo’s taken a few levels in druid, so our walk to daycare usually means both our pockets are full of seasonal detritus by the time we get there. She enjoys some popularity among the other kids by being the one who bringeth the cool rocks and acorns et cetera, so maybe the friendship mechanic in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp isn’t as unnatural as it feels.

When her friends start giving her money and steel in return, I’ll be stoked. I owe like 20,000 Bells to some birds.

I have some exciting news: I just started work as a production artist at Anemone Hug, a local game studio! I’ve been freelancing for almost two and a half years now, and this marks my first job in a studio, employed for art. Waow, right? I’m still gonna be doing How Baby, of course – not a lot could stop me from having Opinions on Parenthood – but maybe there’s gonna be a few more ‘working mom’ strips in the future, haha. 😀