Around the new year, we like to get our friends together for hotpot (aka shabu shabu). There’s something special about being inside with your family and friends, enjoying light and warmth in spite of whatever’s going on outside your windows. Because I can’t have you all over to our house, let me share the recipe for our house special hot pot – you don’t have to follow it, in fact it’s better if you develop your own based on what your family likes and what’s available in your area! It’s easy like that.

Thank you for coming along with me this year – I’m so blessed to have your support. The big news of 2017 was getting my first studio job, and starting that has meant a lot of reflecting on the people who made it possible for me to live and keep creating, getting better, waiting for that break, for over three years. The financial support of backers on Patreon keeps the lights on, but everyone who reads the comic, who likes it on Facebook, who shares strips with their friends, who talk about it on Reddit – you all give me the strength to keep going, and you help spread the comic to people who wanna read it.

I’ve got some big things in the works over the next few months that I’m really excited to share with you, so I’m really looking forward to 2018! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives, and for being such a big part of mine.