[trips, spilling a reference to a meme that’s already outdated because the internet moves too fast]

I’ve caught Momo a few times commenting that she wants to wear something or do her hair or wear makeup because it ‘makes her look beautiful’ and, man, I redirect her every time and reassure her she’s beautiful (and kind and smart and etc) without doing anything of the sort, but I know from here on out it’s gonna be an uphill battle.

I’m not ready for the heartbreak I’m gonna feel the first time I overhear that she’s unhappy with some aspect of her body, or that someone’s been racist towards her, or that a boy’s made her uncomfortable. I’m looking forward so, so much to her growing up and into the person she’s going to be, but what I’ll miss the most about childhood is watching her move through the world with no knowledge of prejudice or shame.