We’re back from ECCC!! And so many of you came out to say hello!! This year more than any year before was filled with people coming out specifically to talk about my comics, and it was incredible, thank you.

Throwback Thursday for this one – thinking back to the breastfeeding days and how I could spend literally all day on the couch because this feed-sleep-wait cycle would just repeat every forty minutes or so, never long enough to justify trying to move her so I could get up. Between this and the exhaustion – which were related, I assure you – it’s a wonder I did anything at all.

It was the worst when the capricious gods of sleep would strike and I’d be, oh, half an hour into a nap and not know that she had hours left in her. Trapped, having chosen to wait ‘just a few minutes until she wakes up again’, when every minute that ticked by drained my own rare and precious nap time.

I have contacted the winner of the Aspen Tyke Traveler bag! Just waiting on their response. Thank you again to everyone who pledged last month, whether you’re a new patron or have been with me for years. Your support makes my world go ’round. <3