* actual fear changed to protect THE SECRET. I love heights. But the kinds of things I’ve scared of would take too long to explain to Momo, y’know? She’s too young for stuff like ‘nuclear war’ and ‘finding out your friends were only tolerating you.’

Anyway! Momo’s been a hella cool kid recently; her empathy is developing faster than I can keep track. And with empathy is coming some real good moments like these.

300 strip milestone next week!! But first, we’re gonna have a guest strip from Kev! With me traveling for shows and not being able to do as many strips as I’d like, he’s stepped up to the plate. So Monday’s gonna be all him, and then Thursday’s gonna be the 300th strip!

I’m in Denver for DiNK this week, as part of their Fellowship program! I’ve never been to Denver before! Catch me at the McNichols Civic Center at table 209!