If Warlord Momo ever gets a movie deal, it’ll look a little something like this.

300!! Today marks three hundred strips, a number that is still making me boggle. I started drawing How Baby over four years ago, trying to find some way to find “myself” after going through the upheaval of becoming a mom. I’m humbled that so many of you have come along with me on that journey, especially when you share your stories with me too. Over email and in person, I love hearing all the ways in which we’re the same and not alone at all.

Creating intensely personal things can open you up to criticism and abuse, but at every turn y’all have been the most supportive and lovely readers any creator could ask for. I get a little choked up thinking of it, actually. I’m so thankful for the community that’s sprung up around my silly little comic.

This next year’s gonna be a doozy – Momo starting kindergarten, the new comic debuting, figuring out how it’s all gonna work on top of working outside the home?? But I’m buoyed by having you by my side. I’m excited to keep making things for you.

To 400!