Momo’s a snack-seeking missile. I can barely open a bag of chips anywhere in the house without her somehow knowing.

It’s grating for me because I’ve never subscribed to the ‘sacrifice everything for your child, give them everything in your power to give’ style of parenting? Like, some things are just mine. This chocolate bar is mine, this drink is mine; she can have her own but usually she doesn’t even want it because she’s not actually hungry, she’s just got FOMO.

I suppose we can’t complain, because we always harp on her to use her words to ask for what she wants. It’s just one of those things where you KNOW it’s gonna be useful in the future, but right now? Right now, it’s annoying as heck.

(It’s also illuminating how BAD my eating habits are? I’ll sneak a piece of chocolate while she’s getting ready for daycare, but she notices, and I KNOW I wouldn’t give HER chocolate for breakfast, so why am I doing it to myself? It’s easier to mom a four-year-old than to mom yourself.)

Regular updates to the new comic Motherlover started yesterday! Go check it out! It updates every Wednesday. And because of that, starting next week, How Baby will move to a Monday and Friday posting schedule, so I can better space out my week.

The response to the new comic has been incredible! Thank you for loving these gals like I do already. I’m so grateful for everyone who makes doing these two comics worthwhile! 🙂