[rustles paper at her podium]

I regret to inform you… that Momo is an artist. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Our house overflows with Momo’s drawings. And I’m pretty ruthless, actually – I’m pretty good at only keeping the “good” ones, the ones that have some sort of creative spark, that je ne sais quoi. Call it coldblooded, if if I kept every paper she drew on, we’d be run out of our home within a month.

I wish I had the fortitude to archive them all, because it would be neat to do a little printed book of them for her, but GOSH. That is a lot of work. I can barely keep track of my own art, and it’s already digital. Pro-tip, I guess: only give your children pieces of paper that are all the same size, so you can just staple them together every few weeks and be done with it forever.