As the prophecy (a.k.a. last Friday’s comic) foretold, this week is Momo’s fifth birthday – on Wednesday! Which is Motherlover update day, but in this comic we stan a five-year-old legend.

Kev and I came into parenthood by way of some trepidation – we definitely wanted a kid, wanted to be a family of three, but neither of us were particularly excited about the upheaval parts. We had little experience caring for babies, and as those first months showed us, apparently fewer life skills than we thought. But, we persevered (and learned a lot about Making Do) because we knew the end goal was to have a third cool human in our family.

We’re coming up on the realization of the mantra we told ourselves when it was hardest: “It’ll be freakin’ hard, but in five years, we’ll have a five-year-old, and they’re gonna be great.” And, I’m pleased to say, it did turn out pretty great. Could have been a gamble, for sure, but Momo’s a wonderful little person: affectionate, polite, curious, empathetic, and whip smart. I’m so glad we took the leap, because our family is so much better with her in it.

(And because of her, I started this comic, and through this comic, I met all of you, which is one of the greatest joys in my life. I’m so happy to be making this comic for you, and for her, and because of her and you, too.)

Happy birthday, Momo! When you come back and read this, know that you’re the culmination of mom and dad’s hopes for you on this day, and we love you very much.