Happy November! I hope everyone had a good Halloween and Sandy Claws brought you good candy to steal. 😀

This comic only slightly fictionalized: my glasses broke the morning after Momo was born, which is some real Twilight Zone shit, otherwise this is ENTIRELY TRUE.

I didn’t realize how bad I was at being a functioning human being until I was put under stress. It was as if I’d sat down to take the final exam of adulthood, and immediately I’d forgotten everything I’d studied. I mean, it was kind of a surprise a few days in when suddenly I remembered that I could make food and put it in my body.

Best plain white rice I’d ever had, hah.

Unfortunately, this went on for a pretty long time. I think that if I had to do it again I’d be a little better — I’ve already been forged in that fire — but right then? I’m so grateful to everyone who stuck around and was patient with me as I remembered how to be a human being again. Not a lot of people did, honestly, which is a bit of a bummer even now, but that makes the ones that did even more special. <3

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