Happy new year, almost!! One more year older, one more year to be happier’n a pig in mud to be here making comics for y’all. Thank you for being a part of my family.

The general climate of 2018 was a pretty terrible thing to navigate for most parents I know, myself included, and it’s hard not to lose yourself in despair for the world our children will inherit. I try to spend the time between Christmas and New Years not reflecting on the past year and the coming one, but trying to force myself to live in the present. The short, cold days of the year (at least, here) trigger a need in me to nest; it’s a small act of defiance against an inhospitable season – a little bit of warmth, light and food in a season of cold, dark, and hunger.

We can’t change the world immediately – that much we know, from how much we were reminded of that fact this year. But we can hold strong in these symbolic ways, and in wishing only the best for each other I hope it feels in some small way that our corner of the world does indeed change a little for the better.

Happy New Year. I hope it brings comfort and happiness to you all, and to your families, and to everyone your lives touch this year and the next.