We’ve been noticing lately that Momo’s been regressing back to a really baby-like way of communicating: nonverbal noises, babbling, reduplication (“iddy-widdy”), purposefully mispronouncing words she’s capable of saying, stuff like that. I’m not sure if it’s her trying to be cute, or if it’s something she’s picked up from television, or if it’s a pressure valve for any stress she’s feeling about school stuff or learning a new language? Either way, it’s frustrating to know that she’s capable of full sentences and see her revert to pointing and grunting when she wants something. We keep reminding her that she’s cute enough without having to resort to baby talk, we’ve tried “not understanding her” when she does it, straight up asking her to stop, but nothing’s gotten through to her yet.

So I instituted a new rule: if she wants to talk like a baby, she’s gotta do it in French. And of course, she immediately served me right, so… I think I’m going to be taught a lot of French.