Happy to share our progress in the great experiment of socializing Momo to understand, if even a little bit, the importance of staying with the herd: after two years of enrolling her in classes and sports, she has graduated from ‘naive disobedience’ to ‘agent of chaos.’

Momo, bless her, it will serve her well later in life, is one of those kids who you just gotta shrug and say ‘she marches to her own beat.’ She hasn’t yet quite struck the balance you need to strike between independence and group cohesion. We started her in swimming lessons a few weeks back, which she really likes, and it’s a small group that only meets for half an hour, so we’ve seen some success with her ability to stick to the herd.

Or so I thought, looking up from texting Kev this observation only to see her orchestrating a jailbreak of all the forbidden poolside toys while her instructor was helping another kid. She gave them out to all the other kids, at least? Momo, hero of the oppressed.