Oof, you almost had a good argument there, kiddo. Just about ten years too late, I’m afraid.

Momo’s been watching Teen Titans Go with the fervor she used to watch Paw Patrol, and I’m of mixed feelings. It’s pretty funny sometimes, and there’s some good jokes for adults buried in amidst the potty humour, and they have episodes about the weirdest things – one explained the gold standard, one was about the process of buying a house, another was about the importance of worker protection… but, ugh, they do that really annoying things that kids cartoons do a lot, which is set-up a false claim (like, ‘girls have cooties’) and make a big deal about it like it’s real information, then debunk it in like thirty seconds. Kids don’t have that kind of mental stamina, man. Like, instead of passing on the bad messages we got as children, why don’t we just… pretend they don’t exist, so they don’t have to unlearn them later?

And Robin is just the worst. He’s a narcissistic, petty imbecile whose main schtick is that he won’t stop trying to harass the naive alien babe into dating him. I’ve taken to working with an ear on the television while Momo watches and calling out his poor behavior, which luckily Momo has taken to with gusto. She’s started beating me to it, yelling out when he’s lying or being creepy. So, there’s that, at least. Uh, media literacy is a good skill, right??

In unrelated news, I’ve opened another round of D&D/tabletop character commissions! Details and examples over on my commissions page!