I bit the bullet and started up with a personal trainer recently, so for the past three weeks I’ve been actually keeping a pretty regular schedule of going to the gym. I’m weightlifting, mostly, and it’s felt really good – not like there’s been, like, massive changes, but I’m getting widdle baby arm muscles, and that’s a pretty awesome feeling. Y’all know I’ve struggled with body image, but more than that, it’s been a hot minute since my body’s changed in a way that I felt control over, and that more than anything has been worth the effort. As soon as I started doing it, all my negative self-talk just… stopped, immediately. The brain silence has been more of a relief than I can say.

Momo, though, is super interested that I’ve started lifting heavy things for fun and muttering to myself about eating more protein. I’m careful not to talk about weight loss as a goal around her, keeping it about wanting to get stronger (which is true!) and feel better on the inside (also true!), and, for some reason… she’s got it into her head that biting my muscles is the way to show appreciation for them, and I have no idea where that came from.