It’s a How Baby double birthday! The four hundredth strip (wow!) and also, my thirty-third birthday!

Momo is very excited about my birthday this year, for some reason. She couldn’t sleep, because she kept muttering ‘birthday tomorrow’ to herself, and kept getting up to check if it was my birthday yet. I even got gifted her prized ‘birthday girl’ medallion, with firm instructions to be wearing it before I wake her up tomorrow and also to wear it to work. She is WAY more excited about my birthday than I am.

But, you know, mom work is mom work, so a birthday is just another day of making sandwiches and cleaning up goldfish, you’re just wearing a jaunty hat when you do it, haha.

And on the four hundredth strip front: WOW, HEY??! Thank you for another hundred strips! It feels like I blinked and we went from 300 to 400, wow. I’m so happy to celebrate this milestone with you. Here’s to the next (four??) hundred! <3

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