I know it’s still very warm for… a lot of the hemisphere, but it’s just barely started to crisp up here, and we’re making preparations for it to be proper cold soon. One thing was getting up the curtains we’ve had bought for a year in the living room (thanks dad!) and doing a good clean (thanks mom!), and the other was making sure Momo has a nice thick heavy duvet instead of her summer blanket.

…which is something we should have tried before, to be honest! I’m the kind of person who needs a heavy blanket at night, the heavier and warmer the better, even in the summer. Light blankets make me feel like my body is levitating off the bed. I even put a shirt or something on my head. And when Momo was having trouble falling asleep I thought, huh, maybe she should try a weighted blanket, or something? And lo, the very day we swap in a heavy blanket – not even a weighted one, just a duvet – she goes to bed happily and raves about how well she slept the next morning. She even made her bed!! An angel!

So now Kev has two narcoleptic people on his hands, the poor dear. We’re both like birds, when you put a blanket over their cage. But it’s gonna be winter! It’s the time for that!