We got our once-yearly big snowfall this year, and the first one that aligned with a school day for Momo. Which on one hand: great! I didn’t have to walk her to school and take the bus in the snow! And on the other hand… I had things to do that day, haha.

We live in a condo on a busy road, so there’s no place to play that doesn’t require some close supervision. Which means… if Momo wants to play in the snow, then I have to be out. In the snow. Instead of warm, inside, drinking coffee and watching Polygon videos. And I’m such a buzzkill, y’all, I don’t have the playful gene.

Luckily, there was still a ton of snow on the ground the next day at school, which was chaos, just, children throwing themselves to the ground in every direction. It took every molecule of my restraint to yell WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS, YOU ARE GOING TO BE WET AND FREEZING IN CLASS, but, I did it. I managed!

(We don’t turn the heat on in our house because we can usually generate enough heat through the neighbours and just the trapped heat of living in the apartment, but night time is another matter, so yeah, actual footage of how I sleep now, haha. I wanna get a weighted blanket to replicate the pleasant smooosh feeling, does anyone have one they like?)