Honestly… we may only be on level two, but the moment this kid puts two and two together and realizes she can make her OWN Minecraft videos, it’s over for the internet.

I really like Rimworld, and so I’ve been watching LPs for it for a while. Momo’s taken to watching them with me like they’re soap operas – I literally had to hold her while she cried when one colony’s dog died – but from there she discovered that she can watch other people play her favorite game. I feel like this is a rite of passage for all Minecraft-loving children, haha. So we’ve lifted the no-solo-YouTube-watching ban in the house, because there’s only so much mischief she can get into when she’s going straight for the hour-long videos of a British dude building a skyscraper.

And she’s LEARNING like wildfire – she can watch someone build something once, and then the next day she’s iterated on it in her own world. It’s so cool! Her understanding of space and how to construct things in it is so much more advanced than I thought it was.

I almost wish I knew how to set her up if she wanted to learn video editing – like, yeah, she’s only six, but I was drawing on the computer when I was six, and twenty-eight years later, here we are…