I wish… that this was an exaggeration… but it’s not… despite being accomplished bus people, I feel like I have to remind Momo not to put bits of it in her mouth every day. She just loves it, I guess. So you gotta work with what you’ve got, when you’ve got kids.

I don’t need to tell you to wash your hands, but, if you’re having trouble getting other people, especially small people, to wash their hands, check out Lucy’s great lil song about it. It’s single-handedly (har) gotten Momo to start washing her hands more effectively.

(But, y’know, if you need something to be reminded of: don’t hoard, share your resources; tip your delivery driver and waitstaff waaaay extra; if possible, support the specialists you love (like hairdressers, etc) even if you can’t get to them; get outdoors (you can still be alone outside! there’s forests and stuff!); check in with isolated people; don’t panic. Remember that all of these event cancellations are preventative, not because the end times are on us already. Take care of the humans around you, as we’ve always done!! We’re gonna be okay!)