As has become the customary greeting of our times, people keep asking me how we’re doing! And, we’re doing great! It’s just that… maybe… my ‘doing great’ looks a lot different than, perhaps, someone who is handling things well. I’m fine! I just… constantly need something to Do, apparently. šŸ˜€

On the plus side… our house is spotless, our things are organized, I’m even making the bed every day; plus Momo’s been an absolute angel because she’s no longer hemorrhaging spoons by having to interact with a lot of people, and we’re saving, just, a ton of money on gas and eating out, hahaha. And we actually had a family movie night this week! In matching Genji-patterned kigurumi, like a real Internet Family.

It’s just, uh, I have one speed at all times. Can’t stop, won’t stop, don’t know how to stop, even if I can’t go outside.