HEY GUYS WHAT’S UP this is KID RYDA X and TODAY we’re gonna learn how to RIDE A BIKE but first be sure to smash that like and subscribe and ring that b–

Okay, enough of… that. We’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. And by we, I mean Momo, because if I watch another elder zoomer with heavy makeup sitting in a mansion shilling their merch to children I am gonna yartz, but. We do what we must.

We technically did teach Momo how to ride a bike, once, but she wasn’t ready to take off the training wheels and I didn’t push, then she grew out of her bike, and we live on a busy road so there was no real need to learn, but part of me really wants to get her riding a bike before she gets old enough to feel a rational aversion to pain. Thing is, I barely learned how to ride a bike and then promptly didn’t use that skill for, oh, twenty-five years, and I do have a rational aversion to pain, so you’re not catching me on one.

I’m a big fan of democratizing learning! Isn’t it better to teach her how to learn than it is to teach her the thing itself? Right? That’s what I’m telling her teachers, anyway.

Y’all American readers, I was crushed by the news of RBG’s passing the other day, as I was horrified to learn about the hysterectomies forced on immigrant women. In addition to [gestures wearily] all of this, knowing a fight for reproductive freedom is on the table is just. You think you’re full up on despair, but you keep finding more.

Please don’t stop fighting down there. As parents, we know raising children opens the doors of some of life’s greatest joys and its most solemn woes, and the right to choose it should never be forced on someone or taken away. I believe that more than ever, and you have all the support I can give from up here. Stay strong. <333