Girl Guides is something that I’ve hoped to share with Momo since… woof, before she was born, practically. It’s kind of been a running joke that I’d cave eventually and join up as a leader… but we’ve found it really useful for her to have more places to learn how to act in a group, you know?

Like, oh, everything else this year, the start of the new Guiding year has been… rocky. The GGC response has been to have meetings outside, in the dark and often inclement weather,  and her unit’s (chaotic) response to that is to instead have short check-in meetings and do their program work as 1) homework with parental help and 2) regular weekend family outings, I’m like… ah… there’s a remote Guiding program, right? Yet another thing it would just be better if I did myself, huh??

Like, let’s be real: the most likely outcome here is that Momo takes a year off of Guiding, not that I add any more work onto my plate (oh my god we’re still dealing with homeschooling), but really. I couldn’t resist the John Wick reference.