…granted, most of Momo’s socialization takes place on a screen recently, but honestly it’s pretty much the same, if not even more exaggerated.

Here, a selection of things Kev has sent me recently.

Happy (belated, but still true) Father’s Day to all the dads out there who read the comic! <333

You might have read on Twitter that our sweet boy Genji ran into some medical trouble recently, after having a bad reaction to getting his vaccines last weekend. We were #blessed to be able to cover it with emergency savings, but now seems like the right time to rattle the tip jar and remind people that How Baby is ad-free, and free-free, thanks to the generous support of patrons!

If you like what I do here, please consider even dropping just a buck or two a month to help keep it running!

…that being said, I’m taking next week off from How Baby, because we’re (gasp!!!) going on a lil weekend trip! But How Baby will return in July, and Motherlover shortly after that.