It’s officially summer here! Because we homeschooled all this year, we didn’t really have the whole… ritual of it being the ‘last day of school’, so it didn’t really click that it was Proper Summer until it was time for summer school. This week was the first week Momo’s been in a physical classroom since… uh… March 2020, I thought it would be a pretty big adjustment for us.

…turns out, no! It was fine! Momo is super happy to be in school again, and she’s having a great time. I’m getting a taste of what it’s like to have time alone during the day again – time for appointments, or grabbing a coffee, and just being the only person I have to consult. It’s… nice? This is what life was like in the beforetimes… incredible.

I’m just glad summer school is doing what I’d hoped it would – giving her time to adjust back to the school environment and reconnect with people her age, before the chaos of the school year starts again.

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