WE’RE BACK! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, and thanks for sticking around while I took a much-needed How Baby break! I have a few comics logged in the brainpan now, thank goodness.

This one’s been on the burner since before we moved, because I painted Momo’s room all by myself, this gorgeous coral colour… and managed to get some on her white carpet, despite putting down dropcloths, because I’m a disaster. But, as you can see, she knew exactly the perfect thing to say to turn it around. I’m not so sure about the second part, that’s probably just flattery, but it still felt good. <3

Despite that, the new house is coming along pretty good, and I even have my desk set up again the way I like it, so it’s back to updates as usual… at least for How Baby. Motherlover’s getting a special chapter intermission in two weeks, for reasons that’ll be obvious when I post ’em, hopefully, but just for a little bit. Not as long as a full chapter break.

In other news, I just wrapped writing for I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, the video game I’ve been working on for two years! It’s been an incredible experience and I’m heartbroken it’s time to move on, but you can’t keep writing a video game forever – at some point, it’s gotta be done. And soon, you’ll all get to play it! I’m looking forward to that.