oh, you KNOW I booked Momo’s vaccine for literally the first possible time slot that was available, and then spent a very tearful hour with her and Kev at the vaccine clinic looking around at all the brave little kids getting their first doses, finally, and seeing – maybe – the end of All of This on the horizon.

It was so hard to prepare her for something that I knew was going to hurt, and maybe even make her sick – to ask her to trust me even though it meant pain. But! She did great, and she got ice cream and a new book and new PJs and a day off school, plus the whole immunity superpower thing, so I think she came out ahead.

It’s true though: I’m just relieved. Momo took her mask off to eat in a food court and I just… stared at her beautiful face, out in public. I’m tearing up just thinking about it again. One day, maybe even soon, I can put down some of this everything I’ve been carrying.