aaaaaaah I got a new computer and tablet, so drawing this comic was SO WEIRDDDDddd oh no

I hope everyone is having a calm, restful holida– hahahahaha, right, well. After our plans for the holidays were smashed by the wildfire of omicron and the resulting restrictions on gathering and travel – again – we dedicated ourselves to trying to at least having a calm, family-focused holiday, with lots of time to enjoy making new traditions and enjoying each other’s company.

That… hasn’t happened. I mean, we made some really good cookies (the homemade apple cider was more like vinegar, though), but honestly this year, like most years, Kev and I sort of limped weakly over the ‘finish line’ of Christmas. It’s getting harder to feel cheer when the ‘good things’ you look forward to never arrive. But, today Momo told me that this year was the ‘best Christmas ever’, just because it snowed.

There’s a cheap moral in here about how thusly I learned that parents don’t need to go out of their way to make the holidays into this big production because kids only need love etc etc etc, but, also, it’s kind of invalidating that all the hard work that does go into imparting holiday traditions goes unnoticed and a simple trick of the weather will be their favorite thing instead! So it’s a net neutral, all around!