Momo went back to school this week! It was probably the first time so far that I wasn’t really mentally prepared for it.

You see, the thing is, I was super prepared for summer this year – we had day camps and overnight camps lined up, and the phone numbers of her friends, and plenty for her to do, and lots of weekend plans, so the summer seemed to just fly by. Instead of tearing my hair out ready for her to be out of the house (as most years, but especially after over a year of homeschooling), the beginning of school crept up on me this time, and all of a sudden I was re-adjusting to a life based off of a bell schedule again. Meal-planning lunches and making sure I’m upright before eight? Ugh. Summer was better.

Momo, though. Momo is ready. She’s going into grade four this year, officially one of the ‘big kids’ in elementary school, and she’s taken her maturity to heart. No, she’s not literally putting on tea for me (though she… probably would, if I taught her), but I’ve been surprised to drag myself out of bed and find that she’s already dressed and eating cereal.

The leap in maturity has been pretty big over this summer! Like me, it’s interesting to see that periods of inactivity – like the break between Motherlover chapters – almost always bring about huge stat boosts.