Holy heck, happy December!! How did that happen – oh, no, wait, I remember, it’s because I’ve been breaking ground ON A WHOLE NEW COMIC (as patrons have already seen and helped decide on which idea I’d work on), which means that time compresses and work (and thoughts of it) expand to fill all available surfaces! More information on that soon.

Somehow, even at ten years old, Momo shows no signs of not believing in Santa. Even after some gentle probing questions, she’s still right on board with writing a letter and making sure we bake our cookies this year for the ol’ guy. If she ever lets on that she’s known the whole time and was putting on a good front for me because I love the ruse so much, I’ll be crushed. And very impressed.

I hope the holiday season is starting to shape up well for y’all!


Panel 1 (textless; Santa waves while Lindsay and Momo watch from the crowd)

Panel 2
Momo: That’s not Santa.
Lindsay: What do you mean?

Panel 3
Momo, off-panel: That’s just a guy in a costume. The real Santa is too busy to ride in parades.

Panel 4
Lindsay: You’re right, but we pretend for the little kids.

Panel 5
Momo: Right. Got it.