As a new mom, one of the things I learned almost immediately was the buck stopped with me.  For most of the day, I was literally the last line of defense against tragedy. So tired you’re hallucinating? Too bad! Nipples so chapped they’re literally bleeding? Yeah, well the baby needs to eat, so do it anyway! Wrist hurts from picking up the baby? Well, it’s not like you can just not pick up your baby! Let’s not even talk about what the doctor’s said about other parts of my anatomy.

I felt completely unprepared for this kind of responsibility! I had been prepared to sacrifice my comfort and my time, certainly, but then it came down to sacrificing my actual health... and there’s nothing you can do about it! You go to the doctor and they just shrug: this is just the way it is now. You just have to do it anyway.  That was one of the big world-shaking revelations of motherhood, when it really hit home that I wasn’t just in the service of myself any more.

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