First of all, the convention report! C2E2 was a total blast, I had a great time, met a lot of people, it was wonderful. Chicago was great! Deep dish pizza is INCREDIBLE and I am so, so sad it’s apparently impossible to get outside of Chicago. How is that even possible in this globalized world in the year 2016??? I also just got back in from Seattle and Sakura-Con last night, and things went surprisingly well! I never know what to expect from anime cons, but Seattle, you never disappoint. Thank you for the warm welcome, as always. Next up, this flying umbrella is going back to Seattle in two weeks for ECCC!

Second: I know this strip won’t click with a lot of people because I know tabling at conventions isn’t everyone’s bag, but I think it might be true for anyone who has to travel a lot for work. One on hand, you regain this ability to go out and have a little fun, but at the same time, for me it was really hard to go to C2E2 when I knew Momo wasn’t feeling 100%. My tablemate was very understanding about the fact that I was FaceTiming Kev and Momo at virtually every available moment, for such necessary updates as the feeding and pooping habits of everyone in the house. Usually, I don’t have a problem shaking ‘mom mode’ when I get the chance to travel, but I think ever since Momo and I really clicked as a mom-daughter team, it’s gotten a lot harder. I just want to be around her all the time, or if I’m seeing something new I want her to be there so she can see it too. So instead of playing the jetsetting spontaneous artist who goes out and has fun like someone who doesn’t have a kid… I mostly hung out in our hotel room and talked to my family. I’m a very cool person.

(On the up side… the HUG I got from Momo when I came back was the best hug I’ve ever gotten. They gotta learn how to bottle that.)