Friends, I have returned! ECCC was a riot! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table, either on purpose or by accident – it was very gratifying to hear ‘oh, it’s the How Baby lady!’ And if you’re just joining the comic from discovering it this weekend, HELLO! Enjoy!

Back to the business of momming: We buy almost all of our clothes and toys second-hand, partly out of necessity, but mostly because it’s crazy how quickly she grows out of, loses, or destroys her things. Or, y’know, sometimes you need to ‘lose’ something, for everyone’s sanity.  Point is, buying things for full price is foolishness, when there are so many decent clothes and toys in circulation already.

So, yesterday I scored a win on one of the local kids buy ‘n’  sell groups: one of those fancy push tricycles for $5, when they’re usually $80+. Ya girl still got it. Momo is enthralled by the damn thing. She can’t figure out the pedals, which is fine because as far as I can tell they’re completely nonfunctional, but she enjoys pushing it around.

(Wait, I’m supposed to be the one pushing? Oh… well, that doesn’t sound fun for me at all. Are you sure? ;))

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