Considering how much time I spend on the computer, it was a big surprise to everyone when we decided not to put pictures of Momo on the internet. Something about there being real pictures of her in some database somewhere, being sold and mined for information, her face cataloged and searchable by anyone, skeeved me out. And then there’s the safety reasons – the Olds immediately think ‘oh, pedophiles’, which makes it easy to explain to them, but it’s more than that: the Gate Which Shall Not Be Named, for example.

Most of all, I want to be able to give her the gift I was given just by being born 27 years earlier: a completely blank slate, where she can screw up and make stupid screen names like xMoonxGoddessxLoverx and pretend to be whoever she wants. She’s off the grid, except for some silly comics I made of her.